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couple of things about this topic:

Install these patches:

Hughe improvement to the game, I really recommend doing it!
then, about the flames and fire. There are several reasons why you don`t see fire and smoke that often:

- Cliffs is a simulation, which tries to picture reality. And reality was different from all the action-movies you might have seen. WW2-planes did burn very rarely. There is actually not much that can burn except for the fuel tank. And even if you hit the fuel tank directly, it will only burn under certain circumstances (air/fuel ratio, only certain type of ammo, etc.).

- Check your ammo-settings. Did you load phosphor-bullets that actually cause fire?

- Cliffs features early-war planes. this means small calibres that do not cause fire that often... you will see more smoke in battle of stalingrad (too much for my taste actually) and that is also because it is a later-war period...

- where from do you hit the planes? shooting into the dead six won`t give you fuel-tank hits in most cases.

for further answers, please ask at the ATAG-Forum:

this forum here is basically dead and the alive community meets at the ATAG-Forum...
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