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Default Problems with Il 2 and Saitek

Hy everibody!
I used to be a member of a il 2 forum in italian but unfortunately it desappeared! Or I am not able to find it again. As a matter of fact a few years have gone.....
I had to came back to a forum specialized on IL 2 because of a number of problems.....and I need some help. Let start from the beginning.
I run for years with Il 2 and Il 2 1946 (up to ver.4.10) having in my old PC Windows XP and using Saitek X45, thenX52 and finally X52 Pro. Last year I added also Cliffs of Dover. Last year I refurbished my PC and adopted Windows 7. I rloaded the above games and i went on recrording only minor problems with my X 52 Pro (leds not lighting, some buttons and a slider not working). I had the drives that came in with the disk updated to a new version published in march 2010 /I do not remember the number). In december 2014 I had the crazy idea to update the Saitek driver to the last version just published. Since then I could not play any more. The Pc went mad ! I had plenty of advices in Goggle and I followed them but with no good results. In this last week I started from scrap managing to delete all Saitek files from everywhere, I also deleted all the games and the loaded them again, meeting, inter alia, alot of difficulties. For instance it was impossible to update Il 2 behiond Ver4.10 : so I have to open in C:\ a flder named SIMS end drop inside the game with all the Patches up to 12.2. No problems loading CoD up to ver.4.03. Both games were working well so I could go ahead loading the Saitek driver ver. heavily advised by all the fliers in many different forums. I again damaged the PC and , of course the X 52 was not working at all. In addition there was no possibility to delete Saitek files . I am afraid , this time I have to format the machine. Sorry for the lenght of this post....but I hope to receive some help.
I know that many would advise me to smash any Saitek product: in this case I like to know which stiks and throttles are working well with Wi ndows 7.
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