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Outstanding!!! I am quite interested in the North Africa campaigns.

Well had my hopes up.......
This map feels like it was just half way thrown together, and not in a good way. Not all the aircrafts are there, and some that are are just wrong. Where is the Luftwaffe? BF-109Es, Ju-87Bs, Ju-88As(not based in Africa, but in Sicily and made frequent raids to Tobruk.) Why use the P-40B? Not even the correct plane for a plane we have. Are you trying to substitute a plane for the Tomahawk Mk IIb. Guess what, we already have this plane so no substitute is needed. The Regia Aeronautica is represented ok, still missing Ju-87Bs though. NOTE: I say Ju-87B but in reality the actual Ju-87s where of the R type. But the R type was very similar to B, just more fuel.

And its nice you put in beacons at the airports, but for what purpose? None of the planes available have PDI instruments in the cockpit.

Now to be fair, the aircraft matchup looks good, and I am just rambling on about historical stuff, the mission doesn't have to be historical to be fun, so I will probably still give it a go.

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