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All of them seem too hard to kill, even dropping a 5000kg bomb in a pack only kills/disables the ones it actually hits. Every crew in the vicinity should be jello in side their tanks.
Same with cannon fire, you may not hit anything important on the tank, but some of those shells went through the armor and injured/killed crew. Especially the ones ricocheting off the road behind them into the belly.

And on the same note, ships, you can hammer them with gunfire for ever and rarely sink them. P-51 pilots claimed they cut through the side at the water line with their guns to sink them.
The Junks should be sinkable even with a low caliber gun and enough hits.
And you need a direct hit to cause damage when a very near miss was just as devastating, breaking the hulls and again mushing the crews with concussion waves.

AAA guns, if you hit enough around it, it should disable the crew, especially with a Il-2 cannon or a 30MM. The gun may still be usable, but they need time to re_man it, kind of like the gunners having to reload now. (don't like that when I'm a gunner I'll telly what)

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