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Originally Posted by Igo kyu View Post
I don't have any problem with any of that, the idea as I read it was that one 5,000lb bomb (who made that? was it a 2,000kg?) should knock out a squadron of tanks, and even if they weren't spread out as they were known to do to mitigate the effects of enemy artillery, it would seem to me that that's unlikely.
I understood what you meant I just wanted to elaborate it a bit.

5000lb is equivelent of about 2268kg by the way. But Music wrote 5000kg bomb. I think one of the four engined Soviet bombers in game has a bomb about that size.
I agree with you that a single bomb of that size would not knock out that many tanks unless they were bunshed up and the bomb hit right in the middle of them.

But then again, one bomb seldom comes alone. And tank units were not always spread out. There are plenty of examples of armoured units that found themselfs bunshed up now and again. While passing through urban areas for example or along a single road were the ammount of traffic and terrain would not allow them to spread out. Or at railyards during loading onto or unloading from trains. And if an enemy bomber formation would come in and unload everything they had in the way of heavy bombs it could do some pretty serious damage to an entire company/squadron for example of tanks and their crews.
If a unit was caught in a traffic jam along a narrow street while advancing through a town a single heavy bomb could possibly knock out a handfull of tanks as buildings came tubling down ontop of them.

There are plenty of examples were large units found themselfs in massive traffic jams because to many units tried to advance along the same road in difficult terrain with little to no room to maneuvre. If hit by an air raid or heavy artillery shelling at such a place at such a moment the effects could be devastating.
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