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First of all, thank you for making this mod! I had a lot of fun playing it and can certainly be a stand alone game if it was longer!

Here are some of my thoughts completing it on hard - no loss except for bosses (never had a good strategy and patience to do them without losses)

1. My game only had low amounts of lvl 5 units in shops, apart from black dragons and rune mages. Only 12 trolls (3 in unguarded shop, rest gated behind difficult fight), 6 archdemons and 8 red dragons in entire game. Which would be fine for mage, but as warrior, 3/5 of my stacks weren't full most of time. Also no bone dragons to buy.
2. Never completed any set till like 95% in the game, even toy items set - I got last piece on last island. (the one with 1 happiness). By that stage, those sets are useless sadly. Can also be bad luck.
3. We don't fight much pirates, but after 1st half of the game, 80% of fights are either undead or gobots and friends, in very large quantity with tends to bore fast.
4. Hero fights are really good, most of them were very unique, sadly AI is too stupid to properly utilize spells given. Especially Paladin hero at last island, he bugged for me and never used his teleport.
5. Game could really use additional small side island between lower-upper trent progression - especially after you spawn undead stacks in lower trent. Even for my warrior most of them were "invicible". 1k + vampires, 3k spiders/skele archers and 20 + bone dragons. Phew.
6. Playing as warrior - it isn't that bad, I would say he is second strongest, last being paladin and 1st being mage. Dragon of Chaos even lvl 2 was probably most used spell by me.
7. Very big imbalance between pet dragon dmg skills. By some point I didn't even want my dragon to lvl up because all upgrades were bad for me. Either dmg boost wasn't worth the rage cost or +1 rest would skew my strategy hard. Mystic Egg is best one by far, especially when it cost 12-17 rage on later lvls. Wall is super good, but +1 rest on 1k hp wall is big nono, I had to use awaken dragon in last part of game a lot. Sadly scroll for it was in island after frog boss -.-
8. Best dragon - yellow one. 3% crit and mana accelerator makes getting trap and other medals really fast and easy. Especially for warrior. By the end of game, my troops crit chance was between 41-53%!

Small Bug - dragon egg nest (bone one for me) in left section of dungeon on the last island was unreachable for me. Just a small position adjusment and it's ok.

If anyone needs any help beating the mod no loss, I can help, apart from bosses
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