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Originally Posted by bobd View Post
I just noticed the release of Hard Truck 2 @ yuPlay. If anyone gives it a try please let us know how it compares.

there's no compairison. rig n roll is much better than hard truck 2. I got hard truck 2 back when I was 11 or so and played that for a long time and there's no compairison between that and rig n roll. The tractors in hard truck 2 do look more realistic but you can only pull a tri axle trailer or a tandem tanker. The trucks in hard truck to are mostly european as well. there aren't many twin screws they're mostly single axles or straight trucks. Ran into a lot of problems with keeping the front of the truck on the ground when it came to single axle tractors and pulling a trailer. especially going up a hill. Also in hard truck 2 you have to dodge land mines in certain places which isn't fun at all. best if you have cheats. You don't have as many upgrade options and well other than the tractors looking more realistic the graphics are worthless. the terrain doesn't look to realistic at all in my opinion. however you can blow tires in hard truck 2 (when they get really worn of course) and I've yet to blow a drive or steer in rig n roll (and i don't buy tires until it's absolutly necessary almost wish I wrecked my truck more so I had to fix it). The damage on rig n roll is much more realistic unlike hard truck 2 you can tear ferrings off well knock em loose anyway, blow suspension out, break tire rods and center links, etc and you can't do that in hard truck 2. it's more basic you can blow tires, lose your brakes (you'll see smoke but won't hear the grinding of the shoes against the drums like in rig n roll you don't see sparks either) and dent hoods (if i remember right you can lose the hood as well) tear lights and bumpers off but you can't bend stacks (if I recall) or anything of that sort. You can drive cars in hard truck 2 (kinda stupid in my opinion because it's a trucking game). you do get to hook up your own trailers in hard truck but you don't go to ware houses you drive by a stupid building type thing which i guess could be considered a loading dock but it ain't like one I've ever seen. also in rig n roll your trucks run actual speeds my pete WOULD run 80 flat land in 5th gear at full throttle however it won't run that anymore and I'm in the process of trying to figure you why. where as in hard truck I was lucky to hit 50 or 55 in my pete pulling 4 tons of cargo. and you can't hire a driver unless YOU supply the licence for them. and you don't buy the tractor for them they supply their own so you can't run a fleet of the tractors that you want (i run catfish, w9s, and 379s). So overall rig n roll's a lo better. one thing I do like about rig n roll is having to use the clutch to shift, but hard truck if it's not in first or neutral when you stop the truck'll die so there's good and bad to both but hard trucks got more bad than rig n roll.
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