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Version 3.49 is on beta7 now so the support continues.

  • Beta #7 has been uploaded.
    Tweaked stationary planes code and added a log message if DCG can't find a squad id (but it still defaults it to German).
  • Beta #6 has been uploaded.
    The only change is that it removes the little popup window I had in it for debugging.
  • Beta #5 has been posted
    this beta, I've added a new exception file for planes with static names that don't follow the basic pattern of Plane$ClassName.
    I've also made some tweaks which may fix the issue of campaigns ending prematurely. But it may not.
    Finally, I've started working on tracking AI in online dogfight mode. This isn't complete but the game should track a few things now for the AI.
  • New beta has been posted. (Beta 4)
    This one will crash older class files because I've added an extra character to the altitude column. If you're using a modded class file, you'll have to add an extra character. The easiest way is to load your class.dcg file into NOTEPAD and do a REPLACE ALL of "Meters " to "Meters " (the original having one space after "Meters" and the replacement having two spaces).
    The extra space now allows missions above 9999 meters.
    The other fix for this one is the locations bug which was causing allied ships to spawn in the wrong place.
    Posted 09 June 2016 - 05:51 AM
  • Beta 3 has been posted.
    Adds "Transfers" to the timetable and fixes the issue with the ContactLevel resetting.
  • I've uploaded the 2nd beta
    It has some tweaks to Combat Air Patrol missions.
  • Additions to Version 3.49
    Updated links to online website and support. Improved logic for long distance missions. However, for best results, users should use the Aircraft Class Settings Panel to update the ranges of all active plans to their historical stats.

    Note: After installing, remember to reset your basic options and, if using DGen or NGen Replacement modes, make sure these options are re-checked before running IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters or 1946. Mods which have made changes to the event log may not work with IL2DCG.
Links to DCG support forum are in Alphas post.

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