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Unhappy Appetizer Strategy

Yet ANOTHER great foreign turn based game (e.g. DAI SENRYAKU) that isn't fully supported for the US/UK market.

We get a taste of the great game and have to suffer knowing that unless we are proficient in a foreign language we just have to settle for the HOLLYWOOD PC games that have infected and taken over the US/UK markets.

If the game doesn't have special effects (e.g. EYE POPPING graphics) or isn't a shooter or REAL TIME (e.g. click fest) STRATEGY game then the ADD, AD/HD, phone texting, microwave cooking gamers aren't even going to try the game. Unfortunately that is 90% of the US/UK markets.

Therefore true strategy US/UK strategy gamers must be content with the occasional appetizer portion strategy games while our foreign brethren are served full courses.

That being said...Looking forward to the Elven Expansion!

(AND don't mention the bug riddled CIV editions. Civ II and Alpha Centauri was the apex of that series)
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