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Default New Flight Sim suggestion

Hi all

Not sure if this is the right section for this so apologies if I got it wrong.

Flight simulation suggestion
With the enhancement of IL2 Battle Of Stalingrad and the community modded version of Cliffs Of Dover 'Blitz and the future proposed update launch of Rise of Flight' their is no doubt that WWII and WWI aerial combat simulations are as popular as ever. I am sure the developers and designers are continuing to enhance these platforms and long may they continue but I still feel their is a gap in the market for Warbird enthusiasts like myself.
I am sure these like minded players go to airshows and like me drool over their beloved 'precious metal' of Spitfires, Mustangs, P-40s etc.
My idea is give them the ultimate flying experience of gorgeous graphics, realistic flight models and most importantly very realistic engine sound effects but in an airshow environment.

The game idea is simple. Learn to fly in a training aircraft such as a Tiger Moth or AT6 Harvard build up your hours of competency in a flight log with good safe landings and sound aircraft management (ala ATA simulations) and progress on to anything from a Spitfire to a B-17 or Lancaster!
All the Airshow airfields in the UK, United States and Europe could be re-created such as Duxford, Shuttleworth collection, Oshkosh, Wanaka and scenarios such as 'Big formation' displays and tailored flying displays could be re-created.
Its playing with warbirds without the fighting really.
Another key element of the game would be a Control tower view and record system so after you have performed your solo or formation flight you could playback what you have accomplished and almost create the dream that you have actually flown a warbird at an airshow.
Perhaps your potential 'Hanger' of aircraft could start off with just a Tiger Moth and Harvard and then you could additionally purchase the more potent aircraft as your level of competency or 'score' improves?
Anyway I'm sure you get the idea and I would be interested to hear any constructive comments or suggestions.
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