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Exclamation PS3 patch 1.01 list of changes

Here is the full list of changes:

* keyboard support (in custom layout)
* Full mapping for buttons and axes was added
* Support of PC mouse for camera view was added
* adaptive Vsync (to prevent screen tearing in some cases)
* fixed significant performance drops on Berlin missions
* B-17 damage model tuned
* indicator distance of far away aircrafts on Simulator level increased
* Freezes in SP and MP fixed
* MP disconnections fixed
* some performance drops fixed
* in some cases unexpected behavior in Strike mode and Mustang P-51 had handling issues
* fixed voice chat issues that prevented some players from hearing others
* fixed rare disconnects from lobby when 12+ players with headsets were connecting to same lobby
* changes in score calculation for multiplayer leaderboards
* Message "Flaps Jammed" was added
* Button to create game was added to "No games available" message
* MP balancing: 5 points for air victory, -1 point for death
* Settings are saved always now, even if player changed it during the mission and exit to XMB
* Partially support of PC flight sticks was added
* Players in MP score tables sort by points now
* Players who leave MP game recolour in grey in score table
* Enemies AI and allies AI were improved
* AAA guns make more damage to player now
* Redout and Blackout were returned (Realistic/Simulator)
* Condition for unlock Ta-152 was changed. New condition is "Play 1 MP game"
* New control layout for Simulator added
* Separate firing from guns and machineguns added. Press R2 with 30% effort to fire from machineguns, press R2 with full effort for firing from machineguns and guns together
* Added sound for Stall
* Landing brakes on fligh stick were fixed
* Guns and machineguns recharging was added for "Ulimited ammo" setting.
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