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Originally Posted by Metathron View Post
"Armored Princess" is such a clumsy, uninspired title. Why not change it to something like "The Shield Maiden" or something...?
It may be clumsy, but it's also powerful in a way. Princesses don't usually come with armor, but rather pretty dresses, tiaras and blonde hair (which is possibly one reason why Amelie's hair is now black instead), so it's kinda like... something like Swordmaster Cinderella. It's an unusual combination. Besides, no offense, but 'The Shield Maiden' sounds like something out of a cliché fantasy book.

Not saying Armored Princess is the best possible title, but it's as clumsy as most of the names and translations we've seen so far, and that's one thing I find charming about many Russian titles.
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