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Default Eek, focus on immersion.

Well, this game can be either incredibly awesome or just not my kind of game anymore. The focus on immersion has me worried since resources are going to be put into silly things I don't care much about. Sure we had "fetch quests" but to slow that down anymore would drive me up the wall especially with forced 1st person view. <shudders>

I sort of like the idea that you have to adjust your armies later, but we shall see how that plays out. Sometimes there is an allure to using that super peasant army, but I get a feeling that meta will be gone for good.

I did like the idea of terrain being used to your advantage, but too much "fluff" in a combat heavy game doesn't add value, it just adds toil.

I am hopeful but also expecting it to not be the type of game I want to continue to play. Man. The old 1C King's Bounty games were really something, eh? Going to miss them.
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