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I'm going to restart now that I know what I'm doing, I'm a mage.
If you`re a mage, why waste time playing games, go out and do magic stuff .Sry didnt mean to offend, just a little joke to break ice.
2 advice for you from me :
1) no need to start new game, and finish trials and then check items available in first shops. Search kb-scanner here on forum and download it, read instructions and after you start new game save right on start in training room and use kb-scanner on that file. It will give you nice report excel table with whole game world and things available in shops, rewards etc. If you dont want to know whole game and spoil surprise of randomness in game, just check part of file with first locations marshan swamp-arlania forest . . . so you dont need to run aorund and avoiding early fights just to check if there is any useful spell/item/unit in those first shops.
2) in start phoenix is much better since gives at least 1 solid unit, while phantom is based on you`re basic leadership/intellect, and % is very low both for lds and hero intellect. Later in game when you have high enough int , it`s possible to get over 100% with phantom. But that is with 40+ int, so until then try getting phoenix.
Good luck
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