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Default Radiator drag + WEP question

Hi everyone, been having fun learning this game and even starting to get some kills (all be it against the mighty AI, haven't managed a multiplayer kill yet!).

Been having some problems with speed, playing the desastersoft campaign, sometimes the rest of my AI squadron will just pull away in the climb. I've looked at plenty of advice for spitfire and hurricane optimal engine conditions for climbing and cruising, although most are given for the later variants and not the 2-position pitch you start with, but can't find a way to keep up at certain times. Have a couple of questions:

1) Wondering if radiator drag comes into it, I've seen old information that suggests radiator and open cockpit drag wasn't modelled, is this still the case or has it been patched in at somepoint? I can't seem to notice much of a speed difference myself.

2) As I understand it WEP is simply 110% throttle, allowed by pulling the boost cut out (in the hurricane), but it doesn't seem to do anything in the early spit and hurricane models. Is it something that only came in later (and if so why do they have a boost cut out control!) or am I missing something?

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