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Smile Please tell me the secret of AI Blenheims

Yesterday night I followed one of them with a 109 from half Channel.....I'm no sniper for sure, but I think I hit her at least 40 times. Finally she had both engines stopped, leaking fuel from both wings, half rudder gone, and in this conditions she could glide from less than 1000 mt from Deal to make a perfect belly landing on the beach near Ramsgate. And it isn't the first time: if you set them to "engage fighters" at veteran skill they are just acrobatic, and it is with deep sadness that I must admit that I've been maybe the only 109 pilot to be shot down by a Blenheim front gun. Pity that when I fly her, my gunner seems instead to be blind! Were they historically really so tough? If it's so I don't see why the British produced other bombers!
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