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It is not possible to save the replays of Lobby's game?
While it were impossible to save the replays of the games that are played on maps which has created the generator, wait a patch.
I saw that for a victory on earn 5 points, for a losses how many? it is always 5 ( isaw a player in the rnaks with 24 points with 2 victory and a loss)?
The victory over the player above you a rank will give to you of more points than a victory over weaker or equal player on a rank. As well defeat from weaker player will remove from you more points than at defeat from stronger player.
The number "last battle played" in the player profile, what indicate?
It is a mistake. Instead of date simply time of last game there is, but it would be logical to write down day, month and year, more than once about it spoke to UG.
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