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For the Blood Priestesses: In order to get the 119 dragons I needed, I used full stacks of priestesses, but did super easy gremlin fights, and brought only a handful of dragons. With the timeshift spell that makes their cooldowns come up faster, you and sacrificing summoned demons, I could generate dozens at a time. It's actually hilariously powerful at generating troops. 900 Priestesses made like 30 red dragons.

Your end game army sounds like mine, except I used Bone Dragons. I didn't need the blood priestesses to be in the army except now and then when I needed reinforcements, so why not something that deals poison damage? The Bonies make little zlogyn traps for you to exploit, as well as their AoE poison thing which has a 90% poison chance. You can almost always hit 3 targets with it. Also you can often take a few losses with them and restore via zlogyn. They are also poison 50% resistant (so like 77 after medal and armor) which gives you a good soaker of poison damage (something the rest of your army is weak against).

I just wish the camera didn't make it hard to see the Zlogyn after it's spawned sometimes, especially on certain arenas.
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