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Originally Posted by Slowhand View Post
The only thing that continuously got me into trouble was improperly hidden bodies, i.e. neglecting to patiently monitor enemy patrol routes before dumping them.
Well I could understand that, it seems a little naive to blame it on AI but when I meant leaving evidence, I mean as in the Russian AI on the left side slowly advance & shoot, and leave german bodies around in plain view, bodies that I had nothing to do with.

Originally Posted by JackS7917 View Post
on the first part don't worry about eventually setting off the alarm or making it to the top of the road with all your troops as long as you do enough sabotage is what really counts. I only used two soldiers for the entire mission.
Well For me that would work, it's just that this msg/warning of evidence appears quite early and shortly later the alarm goes off and the mission forcefully ends with the main objective complete (Alexey says that was close) remember and so regardless thus I'm denied any opportunity to sabotage. thus making the 2nd assault part of the mission much harder.

I'm literally talking about hearing the the "evidence warning" for no reason before anything else. and sometimes when i haven't even moved yet, I camped out on the russian sides just to see, same story...

I guess I'll just have experiment around or lower the difficulty (easy is boring)

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