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Originally Posted by zini4_tha_grunt View Post
Man, thats just AWESOME!!!
I can't even imaginate, how much time had you spent to craft that treasure!
Can i translate into RUS?
It's happy to hear that you like this mod.
In fact, I finish working on this mod last year, as serveral new idea come these day, so I come back to work on this mod again.
I am neither a english speaker nor a russian speaker, and in fact translating the mod into english is a headache for me, that's why you have never seen it before, I just plan to translate it in english version serveral hours ago. And to ease my job, I just hide some functions of this mod, so just ignore those line which you can't read while translating, they are the function that I think is not important and decide to hide.

You are welcome to translate it in RUS or any other language, and it's also welcome if somebody could help to proof read the grammar.

P.S. The mod is updated, download the latest one.

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