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Originally Posted by He111 View Post
hmmmm ... thinks, we could reproduce the classic Commando comic stories in video similar to your production.

Classics like "Clash of Aces" and "Aces Wild" ...

You're right. There are already some masterful videos on YouTube (including a father-son duel in a Spit & 109 - can't find the link ) that approach your idea.

Ironically, a number of members have asked for a pilot figure in the aircraft for the in-cockpit view which would make it difficult for green screen video-making. However, this is a sim for everyone, not just wannabe moviemakers, so I've kept silent. If they do implement an in-cockpit pilot figure, I'm hoping they make it a selectable option in either the GUI menu or in the config.ini file. In an effort to preserve frame rates, of course!
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