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Originally Posted by alligator_fists View Post
define stutter? is it a poor frame rate? this game is poorly optimised and will not run well on anyone's hardware. if you are unhappy with its performance, turn down some settings.

if it's not stuttering due to a low frame rate, disable SLI and see what happens, as i played through this fine (frame rate was barely ever 60) with everything on high, including SM 4.0, physx + advanced physx on a single gtx260+ and a phenom II 940 at 3ghz.

so stop having a whinge and understand you can't get this to run perfectly with everything on high. the game plays fine even when the frame rate is low.

The problem occurs when Shader model 4.0 and advanced physx + physx are used together. If i drop to shader model 3.0 and just normal physx, the game runs fine above 60fps even at 1920x1080 (every other settings on high). The moment i switch 4.0 and advanced physx back on, the game gets microstutter, pauses for 2 seconds every time i punch an icicle.

It is as if the physx patch never worked at all for me. The game appears to be heavily reliant on CPU physx more so than GPU physx. And since this game only uses less than half of 1 core, its a big problem to have physx enabled.

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