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Originally Posted by Nike-it View Post
If you buy any game form YUplay you get the CD-key in the e-mail from the service. If you have any problems with receiving it please contact our support:
Yes thats probably the case.. but as I say.. I didn't receive mine yet! Only a confirmation e-mail...
from yuPlay team <>
to Me
date Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 3:20 AM
subject yuPlay: Your purchase

hide details 3:20 AM (10 hours ago)

You have purchased "Real Warfare: 1242". Your current balance is 0.00 yum.

Thanks for your purchase!
All jolly splendid, and all that.. however I still haven't received it.. perhaps because of the weekend? who knows?
Yes I have sent a e-mail to the chaps, thanks... and thanks for the reply sir.. dashed decent, I must say.

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