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What should be done:

1. Removing six pilot cap should be a priority for new expansion.
2. Large scale battles - possibility of having more than one mothership and assigning your pilots to them.
3. Motherships having drone bays (like Eve Online) for self defense.
4. Random missions. More types of random missions. Very hard missions with good rewards like unique ships or weapons.
5. Upgrade of graphic engine - make use of more than one texture (like bump map or displacement map textures).
6. Possibility of changing mothership and other ships paintings (like Dawn of War).
7. Trade system for earning money.
8. Possibility of supporting chosen faction - conquerable structures and sectors.
9. Buyable and deployable stationary defense systems - turrets, missile lunchers.
10. Modular ships designs - highly customizable ships (diffrent engines, hulls, armors, shield generators). These mere 4-5 systems slots are not enough.

I'll be happy If anything from this list will be included in expansion. If you want more ideas - check Eve Online. It has tons of interesting features. I don't mean copying - just creative development .

P.S. What about english version of the expansion - will it be released the same time as russian or several moths later?

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