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Kalem is good, his skills are very useful.
I was talking about Story-wise, not skill-wise. You could have removed Kalem completely and the story would have not changed at all. I do not remember him doing anything remarkable except escaping and taking possession of an armed transport, something Ternie herself could have done.

The thing that Irks me is that Kalem is the big reason why you are forced to stick with an obnoxiously low number of pilots throughout the entire game. If Kalem did not exist, a character could have been added much sooner. Imagine if, for every situation in Star Wolves 3, you had an additional pilot for every situation before Kalem arrives on the team. You would start with 3 pilots on the Pirate ship and after Greyhair you would have four, and after you got Validol or Che or whoever, you would have five. For the alien missions, Six.

But, I would rather see in-game support for a far greater number of pilots. Eight would be a good starting point. The interface would only need minor modifications to handle it. You could reserve six of the slots for storyline pilots like now, and use the last two slots for hirable pilots, perhaps through the mercenary window. To be honest, it is rather bizzare to me that they kept the god-awful useless Mercenaries (Mine always got themselves killed in the first firefight I brought them into... I want a refund!) but ditched the random missions which were actually useful for getting up early money in the early stage of the game when you are too weak to fight anything.

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