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Nice points raised.

1. Removal of pilot cap. Well, not too big a deal for me because I treated it as a limitation challenge of the storyline, but yes I can see where you guys are coming from: it would be nice to not fly with only half a crew for most of the game.

2. Large scale battles. My only problem is the graphics engine. For most of the time it's fine. But when there's a map with fog particles the framerate just dies. I know I'm playing on an older machine (I sneak my laptop to work), but it handles the rest of the game just fine, so the drop in framerate shouldn't be THAT bad.

3. Random missions. I didn't play SW2 as I heard it was bugged to hell (sorry 1C, but after decades of buying unfinished games I refuse to be a beta test guinea pig anymore). A working random mission board would be nice. Especially if the missions are actually varied, and not simply different ways of saying "kill X for $Y dollars".

4. More mothership freedom. We can buy fighters, so why not motherships? Expensive as hell, by all means. But don't force us to depend on storyline trigger changes. That's unfun, bro.

5. Modular ship design. I agree with Goblin Wizard, the current system is nice but not enough. Ya I know it's easy to force players to choose whether to boost engines or firing rate in that one system slot, but the problem is there aren't enough ship designs to make this viable. Let's face it, everyone flies around in Gunslinger Ts or something at the endgame. The ships are pretty much a "big, bigger, biggest" kind of deal. Let's make them more varied and useful.

I'm not too hot on the trade / other structures thing. I mean, yeah, those would be absolutely awesome, but they're quite large addition to enter into the game as it is. The other additions however can be made rather painlessly.

Hell, allow us to slap custom textures on our motherships and fighters (maintenance station "paint job" option), that alone would be fun while only incurring minimal effort on the dev's part (just check that the texture the player selects meets certain size and format criteria). Let's see how badass the pirates feel while getting shot out space by someone flying a neon pink ship, rofl.
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