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by the time the plasma projectile reaches the target the target is nowhere near.if laser defence is an issue thr is M-guns,cannons and particle a 4th gen plasma gun cant b compared with a 4th gen any other type weapon.if sum1 loves plasma so much the damage of a 4th gen plasma gun should be 3 "times" that of a 4th gen laser and not 50 extra damage, to counteract its inherent disadvantages, maybe then sum1 might use it.and this is the time wen all top tiers wud be equated.

mothership choice is solely personal.specially if u get tagged by maybe 4-5 cruisers with bad guns.

turret slotted flak guns r better,gives something to missile attack.also flares shud be bought just like missiles.u really dont expect ur ,missile defence to obtain matter 4m space and convert it into flares.
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