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See, that's the point of plasmas being slow. They don't need to be 4x the power of lasers, they already "have" that in the form of not being affected by laser defence (which particle guns are also affected by). I do admit it's easy to watch their projectiles and it does seem that they miss a lot, but that's the point: when they hit they hit hard. If you don't like that then obviously you'd be better off with faster guns... which already exist in the form of kinetics and pulse lasers (not everything carries laser def, so it's not even a "guaranteeed" weakness whereas plasmas are always slow).

I guess they're going with "guns don't need ammo", so flak guns don't either. Eh, I can live with that. Or force you to keep a wingman solely on anti-missile duty (that's a pretty hardcore challenge though, which I find acceptable but I think many won't).

It's just that missiles currently still suck despite being beefed up from previous Star Wolves games. A huge boost would be making them not caring about shields.

The devs are Russian, right? I don't speak that, unfortunately. We can only hope that they know they have an english-speaking fanbase here.
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