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Originally Posted by jnt62006 View Post
Being a military man I have a real problem with a professional mercenary showing up for an assignment with nothing but his fingernails to fight with and no real opportunity to get his hands on some good equipment.

That being said...

1. Can someone provide a short tutorial on how the inventory editor works?
On using the inventory editor, just create a separate shortcut ("7.62 Editor") that has the "-editor" modifier. (i.e. "drive:/Games/7.62/E6.exe -editor"); this program is used to edit the inventory files (".inv") in the InventoryINI folder for a given NPC's starting gear*. By default it's meant for the main roster (in "InventoryINI/Preset") but you can also use it to edit named and generic NPC inventories.

After loading an inventory file you'll see three columns: "Variants" on the left, "Stages" immediately adjacent to it, and "Templates" on the right, and a "Variant money" field under the Variants column. I haven't worked with the Templates column yet, but when working with the main roster you'll see a single "Template 1," on the Variants column; to change the merc's starting gear, click "edit variant." "New variant/template," "delete variant/template" and "To variants/templates" are self-explanatory.

Once you're editing a variant/template, you'll have a Shop screen with Cameron's face as a placeholder labeled "Test," a generic $1000000 (no actual money cost involved)... and 100 each of almost everything in stock. This part should be self-explanatory.

If you want a longer explanation, specifically about the "variants," read on:


Now, when working with generic NPCs (i.e. "BS_Soldier") the variants become more important; I'm guessing that "stage" = CGL, so there seems to be 16 stages. When you select a variant, you will see that several stages are greyed out, by default roughly corresponding to the variant number. (For example, with "BS_Soldier" variants 1-3 each have stages 1-3 "greyed out," variants 4-8 have stages 4-7, variants 9-15 have stages 8-11, and variants 16-20 have stages 12-16.) Likewise, each variant has a certain Variant Money range, i.e. variant 1 has 50-100, variant 2 has 50-150. My understanding is that in effect when an encounter with generic NPCs occurs, depending on your CGL they're chosen (at random/semi-random?) from the variants corresponding, and "variant money" is the given min/max amount of paper currency they might have on their bodies.

EXAMPLE: At CGLs 1-3 you may face a soldier wielding an Uzi and up to $100, but he might instead have a Walther P99 (in .40 S&W) and up to $150, or a "H&K MP5PDW" and up to $200. By CGLs 4-7 though they've got helmets and load-bearing vests and wield M1As, 870 Magnums, MP5/40 A4s, MP5A5s, and even MP5A5+M203 combos, all three of the latter using double-taped magazines... plus possibly more money on their bodies.

* I haven't pitted this against the beginning of BSM though.
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