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Default Luftwaffe bombers

As the japanese, I think germans also lack bombers, especially later ones.
True, we already have lots of models, Ju-87, Ju-88, He-111, Do-217. But, most of them are early war planes.

So this is what I suggest:

Absolutely needed, and not so hard to make:

H11, OR preferably a H16. By 1943, most of the He-111s were from these variants, either new or rebuilt. I'd also suggest to take a look at this pack. The author did a good job to upgrade the existing variants, maybe adding a later H6 with C1 stand would be useful too.

A14, a dive bomber, mainly used in anti shipping role in the mediterranean and english channel theatre, but also used on the eastern front (KG51 for example)
C6a. a Zersörer, but as far as I know, there is a cockpit done, would be a shame to let it fade into oblivion.

Would be great, but may be hard to make:

Maybe it was the best bomber of LW, too bad its quite overlooked.

Manuals on Pg 3!

K1, already ingame, only needs a cockpit. Dont know how good is this one, but still better than the stock He-111 cockpit.
M1, same as the K1, except DB603 engines. One of the fastest in its class.

E2/E4, early variants, but still with great performance and heavy bomb load. There are lots of original documentation available on the net, with lots of useful pictures of its cockpit.

Fortunately WIP

Not that important as the planes above, but was still widely used, although only on the channel front. So maybe pointless to make.

Yes, I know its a heavy fighter/zerstörer, but was also used as a bomber, by KG2.

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