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Bombers are a lot of work which is one of the reasons why we see more fighters but... seeing as I love mud moving myself... I can see two on the list above rapidly rising to the top.

The Do217 and the Me410. Reason being is high degree of use and high degrees of flexibility.

The Me410A and B with a couple of sub variants including the bomber and destroyer variants would be perfect... gives us a late war heavy fighter, important aircraft in bomber interception, and a strike bomber all in one effort. It was fairly widely used on both East and West and depending on the effort involved... the Me210 was even involved in North Africa.

The Do217 is the same thing. Used widely across all theatres, capable of carrying and being configured in a number of different ways. It can be modified to night interceptor, bomber, guided missile carrier, etc. Best of all it's already modelled externally.

I can see both of those going very far.

The He177 is completely fascinating and possibly one of the most advanced bombers (next to the B-29) but the only problem is its limited use and scope in the war. If it arrived as a fully flyable... I'd have no arguments but if it was a choice between types then I'd rather the Do217 get the attention. Too pragmatic?
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