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Ahhh to be naive and still dont know what is waiting me in enemy heroes battles Believe me, you`ll miss this time before you started doing that battles and item suppressing/upgrading

1) Avoiding enemy heroes does you good for only a while because sooner or later you`ll have to do hardest battles with them to proceed in gameplay (quests and like) so their speed isnt important.

2) All encounters in game are determined moment you start new game, so ambushes are only wish. I asked this couple times, and answer was it`s impossible for enemy stacks to simply appear in game on areas already cleared or unexplored.

3) By this you mean skill scouting ? Never thought of it much, and lvled it up only for 1lvl for later skills. Interesting concept, maybe would be nice to get surprise form time to tie. But mostly ppl play this in way that you start battles when have good strategy and neutrals strength isn`t crucial.

Good luck and have fun playing this great mod fellow tactical strategist
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