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Could you please tell me which version of my mod you're playing? I just want to double check that you're playing 2014-01-28. Since these are all Hero battles (I assume 2nd Arena Fight is Robin of Greenwood).

***BEGIN EDIT*** Okay, whoops, these are the original spell lists for each hero:

Originally Posted by Matt Caspermeyer
By the way, here are the spell lists for each hero:
  • Martin Vodash (Werewolf in Greenwort)
    • spell_haste (Haste)
    • spell_scare (Fear)
    • spell_blind (Blind)
  • Drammina
    • spell_haste
    • spell_fire_ball (Fire Ball)
  • Dirty Butory (Robber in Marshan Swamp)
    • spell_healing (Healing)
    • spell_haste
    • spell_bless (Bless)
    • spell_pygmy (Pygmy)
  • Robin of Greenwood (2nd Arena Fight)
    • spell_defenseless (Helplessness)
    • spell_fire_arrow (Fire Arrow)
    • spell_bless

The only spells I have not checked in my current (unreleased) version are spell_healing and spell_bless. These should be checked soon...

By the way, if memory serves, Martin Vodash and Drammina have been reported before and I fixed them. It is possible, however, that a recent change has broken something. It may also be possible that it is related to a unit, but you probably would have had a crash with non-hero battles as well so I'm pretty sure it is spell related.
***EDIT*** Okay here are the new spells for each hero:
  • Martin Vodash (Werewolf in Greenwort)
    • spell_berserker (Berserker)
    • spell_pain_mirror (Pain Mirror)
    • spell_shroud (Shroud)
  • Drammina
    • spell_haste (Haste)
    • spell_ghost_sword (Ghost Blade)
    • spell_shroud
  • Dirty Butory (Robber in Marshan Swamp)
    • spell_shroud
    • spell_berserker
    • spell_ghost_sword
  • Robin of Greenwood (2nd Arena Fight)
    • spell_shroud
    • spell_accuracy (Precision)
    • spell_pain_mirror
The common spell is Shroud. I know I had issues with this spell, but fixed them. This is one spell I have not checked in my latest unreleased update so I will be investigating this one more...

***END EDIT***


Ok, I've confirmed (at least with Robin of Greenwood) that the Shroud spell is cast properly without crashing the game. So I'm pretty sure this issue is fixed in my latest released version [2014-01-28] and also in my latest unreleased build.

So hopefully that is the problem you're having...

***END EDIT2***

Do you have save games where you can easily check to see if those problems are still there? Depending on whether you're using the latest version or not, could you check and see if the game still crashes. If the game still crashes, I'd appreciate you emailing me the savegame files with instructions on how to get the game to crash (my email is in the README file included with my mod). This way I can bring up the LUA debugger and see where the game is crashing.



P.S. Glad you've enjoyed playing, hopefully either the issues are fixed or your savegames will help me fix them.

Originally Posted by Kiras View Post
I've had a lot of fun with this mod. I played through with an older version twice awhile ago (roughly March or April 2013, can't recall for sure). I've tried playing with the current version, but I have a fair number of crashes in fights with heroes now.

The werewolf in Greenwort
Drammina (dwarven woman in the mines)
The robber in Marshan Swamps
2nd Arena fight

All crash to desktop when the enemy makes their first move. No other fights have given me issues yet. I just entered the dwarven mines.

Windows XP, Steam version if it matters.

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