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Originally Posted by MattCaspermeyer View Post
I've been on the fence with the Druids, Alchemists, and Ents to make their abilities charged instead of reloadable. I currently have the Druid Summon Bear set to 2 charges, the Alchemist potions are 2 charges, and so is the Ent Summon Plant in my latest version I'm debugging. Still undecided what to do here, although, making them charged now lends more to using Gift to recharge those abilities. It may even make sense to make the Royal Thorn's Summon Plant ability have 2 charges. More things to think about...
I'd suggest leaving these as rechargeable. If they are in the enemy army, my choices have trade offs. Do I go for these troops right away, to limit their summoning? Or do I go for other enemy stacks, knowing I'll have to deal with the extra summoned stacks? And if they're in my army, multiple summons don't generally matter much - the battle is usually in hand within a few rounds. And if it isn't, having the extra summons can be the difference between defeat and victory.

My opinion is influenced by a battle I had in my last game. I stumbled into a really nasty fight. My army consisted of some dragons and several ancient ents. The dragons went down almost immediately, but the ents (barely) held out using summons, swarms and rooting, along with my mage's spells. I think I finished the battle with a single ent, which made for a memorable fight. It was one the most enjoyable fights of the game, precisely because I had to work so hard over multiple rounds to pull out the victory. If the ent summons had been single charge, I'd have lost the fight within the first 7-8 rounds and simply reloaded.

Just my two cents...
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