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Originally Posted by Kiras View Post
I do consider scouting mostly useless. I only bothered with the first rank of it for a long time. Search radius basically reduces tedium, but doesn't make a gameplay difference, since you'd dig up the same things with or without it. Assuming you run around constantly hitting D like I do. Eventually I went for rank 3 just for the int bonus.
Right - I think it is a little better now, but still not very useful although at least the rune requirements are very modest. The search radius does help you from missing stuff, though.

Originally Posted by Kiras View Post
About Ancient Ents: I've noticed that enemy ancient ents are obsessed with summoning. When I was first encountering them, looking at their resists and realizing it would be tough to kill them quickly, I was dreading their ranged attack. Instead, they all seem to summon on their first turn, usually giving me enough time to kill them. I'm playing as a mage with an elf army - my hunters'/elves' attacks feel like they barely scratch enemy ancient ents, until I use hellbreath. Which is a spell I rarely used in the vanilla version of the game, so that's a nice change.
Yep - fire is still plants' enemy!

Their summoning is a priority if your army is smaller than theirs. Rooted becomes more important if they are on fire or your army is bigger than theirs.

One thing is that the unit AI currently does not account for damage types, although I added extensive statistics for the spell AI. For example, I catalog the percent of damage of each type so that this can be used when casting spells such as Stone Skin or Divine armor. Conversely, resistance types are also catalogued so that it can be determined whether casting Hell Breath can be used effectively. Stuff like that.

After I release my current development mod, I'll probably visit the unit AI to see if this data can be leveraged to aid the AI in choosing what to do...

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