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Originally Posted by majorfailure View Post
Maybe it's nitpicking, but in my book the P-40 is a better energy fighter than most contemporaries, with the slight disadvantage that you need to bring your energy with you, but you can keep your E pretty well. Its max dive speed is high enough to dive onto your prey without losing parts. And its got roll rate, lots of it, top for offense and still useful for defense. Vs anything up to midwar Japanese it is always a contender, vs. Western axis its limited top speed makes it a little difficult by midwar
Good analysis. I was thinking of absolute turn-fighting and energy-fighting abilities vs. all the planes in the game, like turn-fighting vs. a Spitfire or Ki-43, or energy-fighting vs. a Bf-109G-10 or FW-190.

With the P-40 variants, you have to know your opposition's strong and weak points, and fly accordingly. Very roughly, energy-fight vs. the Japanese, turn-fight vs. the Germans, and don't try to take on the late-war planes unless you have a very favorable position. In all cases, try to keep the fight at middle to low altitudes.

Additionally, many new players are frustrated by the limits of the .50 caliber MG. They're good for killing fighters and unarmored vehicles, but not so good for killing bombers and hard targets. You have to understand deflection shooting so you can get good concentration of fire, and you have to be a good enough shot - or get close enough - that you can aim for vital parts of the target like cockpit, engines, and fuel tanks.

You also have to wear your opponent down in a dogfight. First try to get a few hits to the engine to neutralize his energy advantage and limit his maneuverability, then move in for the kill. Not "one hit, one kill" like if you were flying a plane equipped with 30mm cannons.
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