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Default 18th winter flying IL2, who's left?

What is left of my hair is now grey, and my eyes don't let me see the monitor during flying well anymore, still enjoying IL2 here and there though.

I can still remember my first online flight with the full(non-demo) version of IL2 back in the winter of 2001/2002. We were flying CFS2 on Hypberlobby too sometimes, but IL2 quickly sent it to the scrap-heap.

I got onto some server in an La-5 and 609IAP Relentov was on there with his buddies chasing me around trying to shoot me down, the La-5 was fast though and I kept running away, looping back and doing head-ons with them. I can't remember now but it probably ended up with me getting blown out of the sky.

We flew on dial-up for years and had to download all those big patches with a 56k modem! I would start a patch download before I went to bed and hopefully it would finish up sometime before noon the next day without dropping the line so I had to continue it or start the whole thing over....

Everyone was flying the official patches, there were no mods, and the servers were packed full, lot of them, and there were a LOT of hard-settings servers too.

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