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Eh, those were the days.
During that time one could enjoy UBi Zoo slaughterhouse as much as one could enjoy actual gameplay. I think it really culminated somewhere around that time when Hristo's have been banned from WarClouds because of actually listening to allied TS chat ... at least for me. In spite of me being attached to the game years after, for me it never got so heated like it was during those days.

But yes, sooo many things happened in the meantime (one of the most important things for me is that I've become a dad of twin girls), so much time passed as Jumo said... I remember both of you Tree and Jumo from those days. Can't really believe how much time has passed.

I think WarClouds were the peak of my experience with the game... I still have quite a bit of online TRK's ...
Long ago I even uploaded one where I miraculously ended up alive flying one of my fav ac types after getting pounded by the oppo I lost sight of;

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