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Originally Posted by Music View Post
And I can't hit a thing, last missions, two maps of the AleXserver, about a hour and a half, and my gun stats were 1 hit out of 600+ bullets fired. And that is par for the course.Cheers!
Hit percent was never that high for myself either, but it did not seem like a lot of hits were needed to do well online.

In February 2008 on Spits_vs_109s, a month which had 1,662 different virtual pilots fly there, my percentage of hits in air-to-air combat was only 4.74% ! With 1,741 rounds it said I shot down 101 aircraft, but I had fired almost 36,000 at air and ground targets combined. 12% of those hit ground targets, obviously easier to hit things that are not moving....

I was just reading that biography of Hartmann's and he said that after WWII when he was head of Germany's first jet-squadron that the average percent of that squadron was 24% and some of the pilots had personal averages of 60%!
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