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The games actually up to 4.14.1 now! haven't updated their patching guide past 4.13.4 yet so you could easily miss it. I assume they have not done so because there are still issues with the 4.14 and 4.14.1 releases.

DO NOT upgrade to 4.14. It was a broken patch. You can upgrade direct to 4.14.1 using the link below, but people are still having issues with 4.14.1, particularly with being locked out of online play and uninstall issues, so you may want to wait for 4.14.2. I personally have no problems playing 4.14.1, but I am (so far) an offline player only and haven't tried uninstalling. So in any case I recommend backing up your entire 4.13.4 install to an external storage (or at least a different folder) before trying the 4.14.1 upgrade.

You can find the link below (and other options) in the Daidalos Team Discussions sub-forum.

Patch from 4.13.4 to 4.14.1


I suggest you have a good read in the Daidalos sub-forum before making your decision.

4.14 adds the MBR-2 and He 177 as flyables, and another version of the Pe-2 as a non-flyable, plus some very detailed Russian maps and many other improvements including the excellent option to unlock more historically correct markings for the Finns and Germans, which was previously missing in the stock game. Sadly it adds nothing American as far as I can see, though there is a new Pacific Islands Online map for the Pacific Theatre lovers!

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