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I almost never fly online anymore, mostly offline. I did get online once or twice, and the last time while I was flying I heard this noise and wondered what it was, it was my damn heart pounding.

It might be fun to try the latest version of IL2 with VR etc., but I would have to spend how many thousand dollars to get up to date equipment??? I am still using Windows XP and a computer I put together ten or more years ago that I doubt I could get twenty dollars for now. It does run IL246 GREAT though. Not as good as it used to because my good video card burned out, but still good.

Mostly it is the time though, I don't think I want to spend the time on flying this sim that I did from 2001 through about 2009. It was a blast but if I could do it all over again I would not, I would spend the time doing something real in the garage or outdoors or with friends and family, anything. Lately I have been making some axe handles by hand, built a little barn last year, fixed up an old stick-shift Toyota to drive and rode around on my old Norton motorbike.
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