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Smile AI vs. player

Reading the comments and it makes out that ace AI ought to be invincible.
I don’t know in what war. Ace pilots have always been killed while making rookie mistakes, or heaven forbid, ace mistakes.
The hardest thing in air warfare is to maintain a large fleet of fighter aces. And when they go, rookies go even quicker.
That to one side. I have noticed that if the player is aggressive in his attack on superior numbers, and uses boom and zoom as his tactic, that the AI break and never really recover the advantage. The boom and zoom tactic developed to defeat being out manoeuvred by ace pilots or any other kind.
Then you’ve got those enemy who have wounded you and who follow you all the way back to base, spraying you with machine gun fire as they hunt your six from too high and too fast. Who had time for that!
Of course there are exceptions to the aggressive AI. For example, Russian campaign Kuban and the introduction of the Romanian IAR-80 under German Air Force. They are very aggressive and that plane out classed by a Bf109E becomes the equivalent of a La-FN.
There are other examples in different theaters where the FM is similarly prejudiced. Like the Hurricane in the Pacific. I always get the grunt and fart unmodded version, for some reason in game, the R.A.E. restrictor mod to solve the flooding carb problem isn’t credited as a first priority field mod for some reason. And you never get close to the Hurricane Mk1 top speed of 315mph unless you’re in a dive.
Games are fun.

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