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Originally Posted by Jumoschwanz View Post
In IL2 at the end of the plane selections there are choices to fly against the aircraft of great aces from WWII both allied and axis, but of course they are no more challenge to shoot down than any other plane in IL2.

All having to fly a bomber against fighters to have a challenge means is that the AI opponents are indeed really bad. It would just be nice to have a one vs. one AI contest that was a challenge, and to say it is not possible to program a computer to give that could only be ignorance.

The program is only as good as the coder though, and just because someone can write code and programming for IL2 does not mean they know what they are doing in the cockpit of a virtual fighter. Just like someone who is not a brain-surgeon could never write a program to tell a machine to do that either.

The AI fighter opponents are good, but after 20 years of patches and all the advances in technology in that time good is the new bad. I am nowhere near as good a virtual pilot as I was ten or twelve years ago because of lack of practice and my eyes get worse every year, but I can still beat all the "ace"
AI easy-as-pie.
Programming is not easy, it's about as easy as Real Life flying. It changes all the time too, so someone who was up to date in 2000 is 20 years out of date now, even if they've actually kept using what they knew then. The original iL2 is a 20 year old program, there just aren't many new programmers coming along who know about the languages it was written in.

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