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Originally Posted by Sharkzz View Post
G'day All ! ~S~
Still flying, hard to catch up as not many in HL when I visit, as the hours are far different down our way.
but still loving the beast it has grown ionto, and with all the hot work making it even better modded it goes on and on.
Stay safe everyone and good luck in 2021 !
And to president Putin, Please drop a neuc on our moron prime minister, fat head dumb arse scott the morron morrison, please ! he is a dick head and a prick.
Sharkzz aka Lozza
"Dear God, please kill them all"? Seriously...
Q: Mr. Rall, what was the best tactic against the P-47?
A: Against the P-47? Shoot him down!
(Gunther Rall's lecture. June 2003, Finland)
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