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I think the Daidalos Team are more busy working on new content than talking about it these days.

They are working on it though.

Work in progress aircraft that I know of are flyable versions of the Ju-52 and C-47 family, and the Dewoitine D.520, and I've also seen pictures of a Ki-48, though I'm not sure about the flyable part there, or which will actually make it into the next patch.

Work in progress maps were also recently listed in the M4T forums by _1SMV_Gitano as quoted below:

"This is a list of the maps in WIP status (working in game with some airfields). For some of these more than one time frame is planned.

- Channel 1940-44: already announced
- Morocco: 2 time frames (11/1942 - 12-1943)
- Tunisia: several time frames between 11-1942 and 05-1943)
- the Hump: 9/10 scale from Imphal to Kunming
- Andaman & Nicobar islands 1944-1945

The following list is for planned maps, or maps for which I started building some template files and have good references.

- Bay of Bengal (9/10 scale Calcutta to Rangoon)
- Malta/Sicily
- Western Mediterranean (Sardinia + north west africa)
- Oran (Torch landings 11-1942)
- Central China (9/10 scale Yangtze river basin from Chengdu to Hankow)"

Full thread with pictures linked here:

Several fixes of existing maps are under way also.

I've also seen pictures of new desert objects, russian trucks, and flak towers.

So the work goes on, but I don't know time frames, or what will actually be included in the next patch.
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