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Post New Release?

Hey, everyone, hope you're all doing well!

So I've been sitting on some changes to my mod now for almost 4 years, with most of the changes done about that time ago, but with King's Bounty 2 out, I've had the itch to go back and see what I've done and then I've been able to add some new features within the last month.

Unfortunately, I only have one day a week to work on it and I've had only enough time to playtest a current change to ensure that it works as intended.

I'd like to release a V1.0 of my mod, which would quite possibly be the last release I do, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing some play testing for me to see if there are no game breaking bugs.

So either post here, or PM me and I can send you an unreleased version if you are interested in trying it out.


P.S. I am playing KB2, but I only have time to play it once a week as well (and usually I have to alternate between modding or playing KB2). I'll post some potential changes in the change list post so that you can at least see what I've been working on...
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