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He add 20% of your basic defence.
when your basic defence little than 5 means u will get ZERO bonus.
BTW:In English Version, description of some items and skills are not so accurate.

Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
Running the 1.6.5 patch on the Atari version.

Specifically, I'm married to Feanora and she's given birth to Serj (+20% DEF). I'm sure he'll grow up to be a fine son, but at the moment I'm not seeing any bonus modifier at all. I can account for each of the 15 points of my current defense score with the items that I have equipped (or the shrines that I've visited). I would expect my actual defense to be 18?

I don't see the defense bonus on my creatures either. Each of them have a straight +15 on their DEF score, so it doesn't appear to be a passthrough bonus either. Or am I just missing something?
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