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Originally Posted by spidierox View Post
Are all the trucks in the game the same of has each its own modelling ? like trucks with the engine in front handle better in turns, or can have more powerfull HP engines ?

Or are other trucks just a neat visualisation and all attributes (engines, safety,exterior, interior,....) the same ?

If different what criteria would you suggest for choosing another truck...all these types are uncommon/unknown to me...
I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'll give it a whack.

You can purchase 10+ different makes/models of trucks. Engines are around 375hp - 600hp that I have seen so far. You can add all kinds of goodies to make your truck perform better, and look better. Remember, you can only buy trucks at Nicks office(your office). As far as criteria, everyone has there own thing. The only thing I don't buy, or like is the cab-over trucks. If I'm going to get into a wreck, I want as much space between me, and what I hit! So, I go with a nice long-nosed truck with as high a HP I can afford. These are my first 2 things I do right off the bat. Sell old truck, buy new truck. Add the basics that you need, and can afford. The rest will come as you get loads, and missions ($$$$$).
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