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Originally Posted by spidierox View Post
What I am asking is if there is a difference between those 10+ trucks from a technical (performance) point of view - with no goodies attached or are all created equally ?

So are the long-nosed trucks the same as the ones "with no nose" in terms of turning, speed, comfort, etc...

hope I have made it clear now...
For the most part all things being equal, the types of trucks are just eye-candy. Although, some may argue the point. The only real difference that I noted was the cab-over & long-nose trucks. The cab-over will make a tighter turn. Speed & performance come into play when you upgrade your truck. Such as HP, tires, brakes, suspension, etc. Comfort only applies to the chair you're sitting in to play the game, and your game controller. A maxed out long-nosed truck will be the same as any other maxed out long-nosed truck in the game, and the same holds true with the cab-over trucks. Other factors would be the type of controller you have. I have the G25 w/shifter, and after some tweaking it now runs perfectly. Some could argue this too, but I think it comes down to how it is configured.

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