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The Orc has different problems starting.

1. He's dependent on Rage, which you don't get til Whitehill. My "big strong" Orc had to basically run from everything until then and only fight what he had to

2. Again, the starting troops are brittle, especially the gobs. The Imps, on the other hand, are very good for starters if you protect them with the bodies of the almost useless gobs.

No loss? No way until Whitehill and where my tips start. After that it's rather easy to go no loss.

Those demons you get free from kiting Atrixus along with Demonologists are tough, but so are the Shaman you pick up free in Tristrem AND the Spirit Talkers(which weren't there for purchase with Demoness and Vampire). They're brittle, but make up for it with all 3 of their specials.

Once you get your rage up there, it's almost a cakewalk in every battle, especially when you get the skill that allows more than one per turn. Hell, at times I got to 7 or 8 rage abilities in one turn. Then it's simply a matter of picking off what's left.

Defense is a lot more important that Attack for all 3. With high defense, all you have to worry about are the bleeding, freeze, burn and shock, which means the lab coat at level 4 is one of the best "armor" in the game, if not THE best as it gives +20 to all resistances. with one of your companions wearing another resistance armor, it's easy to resurrect, not so if they're losing units every turn.

The "effect lost on a turn" skill is way worth investing for this very reason.

Archdemons and Dragon Riders are also the best units imo. Archdemons for all they do, PLUS they shrug off bad effects when their turn starts. As a melee unit, they kind of stink, but they've enough other things that melee should always be the last option with them.

*Negative effects, not melee or ranged damage, are your worst enemies in this version.

Dragon Riders are the best unit in the entire series imo. On that Steam Guide, I also left a section on obtaining princesses. It's worth it to run them as a single unit, not divided mainly due to DIVE.
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